Readers ask: How To Make A Sunflower Wreath With Real Sunflower?

How do you make a grapevine sunflower wreath?


  1. Using the wire cutters, cut off 3/4 of the stems from the sunflowers and ferns.
  2. Arrange the sunflowers and ferns on the wreath by sticking the short stems into the grapevine.
  3. Snip off some leaves from the sunflower bush and add those to the wreath to make it appear lusher.

How much burlap do you need to make a sunflower wreath?

Using the rotary cutter, cut 30 pieces of yellow burlap, each measuring 10 x 10 inches. Twist pipe cleaners onto the next rung of the wreath frame, starting with five and adding more as needed. To create the petals, use the same folding and pinching technique to form each yellow ribbon piece into a bowtie shape.

Does the Dollar Tree sell sunflowers?

Bulk Floral Garden 6-Stem Yellow/Orange Sunflower Bushes, 14 in. Dollar Tree.

What do you do with wire wreath frames?

A wire wreath frame is ideally used for artificial flowers. Prepare your flowers, cutting tools, wire and tape to begin with. Grab your base stems and begin grouping and wiring these to the frame. The task is best achieved by grouping 3-5 artificial flower stems at a time and attaching them to the frame.

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