Often asked: How To Prune Bridal Wreath Spirea?

How do you prune an overgrown bridal wreath spirea?

Using bypass loppers or a small pruning saw, cut each branch as close to the ground or base of the plant as possible. As you remove each branch, step back and look at the shrub. Then remove the next branch. Repeat until you’ve cut out 1/3 of the oldest growth.

Can I cut my spirea to the ground?

The spirea genus ( Spiraea spp.) Spireas are cut back to the ground so that new, healthy shoots can grow. The two main trimming periods, in early spring and after blooming, are most important to do each year, but you can also trim your spirea as needed throughout any season.

When should you prune bridal wreath?

Bridal wreath spirea blooms are produced on old wood from buds that developed during the previous year. To avoid minimizing the flower producing canes before they bloom, only prune bridal wreath spirea after the blooming period is finished. Wait two weeks after flowers have dropped from their stems before pruning.

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How big does a bridal wreath spirea get?

Old-fashioned bridal wreath spirea is often found in older established landscapes. This handsome open, loose shrub reaches four to eight feet high and six to eight feet wide. Showy, double white flowers are in clusters of three to six in mid-spring.

Are you supposed to cut back spirea?

You should actually prune your spirea more than once a year, at least twice. Give it a good trim after it flowers in the spring by cutting back the tips of the stems to the top leaf bud. More drastically cutting back spirea should occur in the fall or in late winter to early spring.

How do you rejuvenate a spirea bush?

In the spring, after the first blooms are spent, cut the dead flowers back by trimming spirea’s stem tips back to the topmost leaf on each stem. Throughout the summer, the plants shape can be maintained by cutting back overgrown spirea shoots or stems as well as any dead or diseased branches.

Does spirea bloom on old wood?

Bud Development. Spring- bloom spirea produce buds the year before they bloom, which means they blossom on old growth.

Does spirea die in winter?

All Spireas are deciduous and lose their leaves in the winter. Most bloom between March and May in our area. Some varieties will produce a second set of flowers if the worn out blooms are pruned off.

How do you rejuvenate a wedding spirea wreath?

With time, bridal wreath tends to become sparse and leggy. To rejuvenate a spirea, you can cut it almost to the ground, and it will grow back in a healthier state. Remember to clean your pruning shears with household disinfectant at full strength to avoid spreading bacteria, viruses or fungi.

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How do you take care of a spirea bush?

Keep newly planted spireas well-watered until they become established. Mature spireas are drought tolerant and only need watering when the soil becomes dry. Spireas don’t like wet feet, so avoid oversaturating the soil.

Should I cut back butterfly bush?

Butterfly bushes do not need to be pruned every year. But since butterfly bushes only bloom on new growth many gardeners prune them severely each spring to encourage lots of new growth and lots of flowers. You can prune this shrub back to twelve or twenty-four inches high. For most plants, that’s a drastic reduction.

Is bridal wreath spirea toxic to dogs?

Baby’s breath Seen in almost every floral arrangement, this seemingly innocent flower can wreak havoc with pets’ digestion. An almost identical and non- toxic replacement is double bridal wreath ( Spiraea cantoniensis).

How do you take care of a bridal wreath bush?

Bridal wreath spirea prefers to grow in well-drained moist soil, though it is able to withstand some periods of drought. Water the plants weekly during the summer whenever rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.

What does bridal wreath mean?

When asked, Jimin revealed that his birth flower is spirea, also known as “ bridal wreath ” for its frequent use in weddings. According to Isaac, “ bridal wreath ” symbolizes “neat love”…

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