Quick Answer: How To Draw A Tulip Flower For Kids?

How do you draw a beautiful tulip?

How to Draw a Beautiful Tulip

  1. Start With a Petal. The petals are shaped sort of like teardrops, so keep that in mind as you sketch them out.
  2. Add a Petal. Draw the left petal, and keep it a similar teardrop shape.
  3. Fill It In.
  4. Add More Petals.
  5. Add the Stem.
  6. Add Vein-Like Details.
  7. Finalize the Details.

How do you draw a marigold flower?

Step 1: Fisrt draw the center of the flower which is a circle with small lines around it. Step 2: Next draw the petals by drawing lots of little petals moving outward from the center of the flower. Step 3: In this step draw skinnly leaves below the flower to the right and the left.

What color are tulips?

Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow, with some varieties having petals in multiple tones or colors in a single bloom. You’ll find tulips in deep shades like maroon, black and purple as well as tulips in pure white, cream and palest yellow.

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